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Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Taxis AMS

Schiphol Airport is the only place where taxi drivers are required to wear a jacket and tie! Private taxis for hire can be located just outside the main entrance to Schiphol Airport Arrivals or at the train station level.

Although the taxi fare can be expensive, it is a convenient door-to-door service. Provided that it is not peak hour traffic times, the trip to central Amsterdam can be a quick 20 minutes. Be careful of rush hour traffic, as the highways become very busy and time may be wasted sitting in heavy traffic. The taxi fare will vary between €33 and €45, depending on the exact destination.

Taxis at Amsterdam Airport are also a more convenient way to travel than the public transportation system if you have a lot of luggage or very heavy luggage. It is recommended that passengers select a taxi from the National taxi service, Schiphol Travel Taxis. The lines of cars outside the airport are the Schiphol taxis. A passenger is not obliged to select the first taxi in line. It is acceptable to make a choice of any taxi within the line. Often one is confronted by other individuals that will try to persuade you to make use of their taxi service. For these other services, there is no set flat rate, unlike the Schiphol Travel Taxi that has a fixed rate for everyone who travels to and from the airport. In the Schiphol Plaza, the rates for the metered Schiphol taxis are displayed.

Schiphol Taxis can be pre-booked for Schiphol Airport passengers. This will guarantee a fast service to Amsterdam for the business traveller with a tight schedule.

Other than the traditional taxi, a preferred means of transportation to many of Amsterdam’s hotels, is the Schiphol Hotel Shuttle. They are generally cheaper than taxis and it is possible to book a return trip to Schiphol Airport. The only drawback may be that the journey will take a long time if you are one of the last stops on the shared route. The Connexxion will take passengers to more than 100 popular hotels in Amsterdam. Before booking a Hotel Shuttle, be sure to make enquiries with your selected Hotel if they offer a complimentary airport shuttle.

Once you are settled in Amsterdam, it is best to call ahead to book a taxi, as hailing a taxi can be difficult and virtually impossible on weekends. Permanent taxi stands can be found at Leidseplein, Dam Square and Central Station (at most of the popular tourist areas). Remember to offer a tip over and above the taxi fare, usually between five and ten percent.

Bicycling is a fabulous way to explore Amsterdam. Dedicated paths are provisioned for cyclists throughout the city. For those who would just like to relax, it is suggested to hire a pedal-powered taxi for two!